Magmita Sangria

Flavor availability subject to change 

CRANBERRY-POM                                    GUAVA
PEACH                                                       CHUCKLEBERRY
PEAR                                                          KIWI-STRAWBERRY

Your friends have told you about it – so give our Magmita Sangria a try.  West Coast Sangria at its best! These are rosé based sangrias flavored with fruit juices and nectars: refreshing, light and not too sweet.  The cran-pom is a more traditional, merlot based sangria.  Great over ice, feel free to top it off with a float of rum and vodka.

The Magmita Sangria is available by the growler fill at growler stations around Oregon. Also available by the bottle at the East Bend Liquor Store!

Magmita Sangrias